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Case study

An up-and-coming senior executive in a London-based financial services business, moving internally to a more senior role, wanted to build her confidence as a leader, manager and executive team member in this important career move.

Her CEO was keen to support her, and he offered to arrange for external support from a professional coach. He approached Amicus, so we met the executive to confirm what she hoped to achieve. We then arranged for her to receive coaching for an initial programme of six 90-minute sessions. 


The coaching programme worked well, with strong rapport between the executive and her coach, built on absolute confidentiality and trust. The planned coaching sessions ensured that the executive devoted specific time to thinking about her role, ways to improve personally and the direction of travel for her part of the business. She found that she could be more effective and more confident and enjoy her role more, knowing that she was doing the right things and had a sounding board for any awkward situations. They are now engaged in the second series of coaching sessions, and the CEO is looking to expand the programme gradually to others in his senior team.


The CEO has built a solid relationship with the Amicus team and regularly seeks our advice as mentors, and critical friends, on developing strategy and dealing with risks and opportunities in his business. These engagements are very flexible and they vary from urgent phone calls to seminars that we facilitate with his senior team to helping them think through more weighty issues. Having good working knowledge of their business, the CEO and his senior people enables us to respond quickly and effectively to provide valued support.

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