Clarity and confidence creates market expansion for financial consultancy

This Guernsey-based business is small, highly successful and running at a frenetic pace.  The CEO is so preoccupied with clients that he can’t find time to direct his team and keep it focused; he is worried about the stability and resilience of the company.  

The working atmosphere is fraught, junior staff are becoming frustrated and losing confidence in the firm. There is a real danger they’ll miss growth opportunities and the team will fragment. Lack of a clear and understood vision stemming from poor communication are key shortcomings.

What we did

We held discussions with the CEO and each member of the team. Our aim was to understand the company’s ambitions and the day-to-day challenges within the business. 

There were several recommendations: a strategy rewrite; new organisation structure; and clear definition of roles and responsibilities.  We also needed to reduce pressure on the CEO, which called for a coaching programme so key individuals would become more autonomous.

We facilitated an off-site meeting of all employees.  We used the the Predictive IndexTM Behavioural Assessment survey to discuss team dynamics and build mutual confidence.

The results

With clarity on ambition and direction of travel, the team is more at ease with uncertainty. The smoother running of routine business is allowing expansion into new markets. 

Team members were clear about their personal roles – and happier to work ‘out of lane’ when any part of the team was short-staffed.

The CEO was more aware of his responsibilities for regular communication and we became his regular ‘critical friend’ to challenge his thinking.

A new programme of regular team meetings kept everybody focused and in step.

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