Culture is key to this fast-growing fintech start-up

A medium sized London company, which automates the underwriting of an insurance product, is experiencing rapid growth. Yet there is a growing cultural divide between the software and underwriting disciplines in the business, which is causing real problems in collaborative working and innovation.

As the company grows will the culture that’s been so important to its success so far be sustainable? The CEO wants ensure that it will, so he has turned to Amicus for advice.

What we did

We started by understanding the product and how it’s delivered. Then we conducted a cultural diagnostic by talking to key individual and focus groups about how the business operates and its values and habits.  The response to these engagements was enthusiastic: people were living the culture, they liked it a lot and they feared it might change. We produced a concise evidence-backed report with our recommendations. This included advice on dealing with the challenges we’d unearthed and some specific gripes to do with pay.

The results

The diagnostic exposed a very strong culture. Yet, there was a risk of division within the business. It transpired that the senior team was not as coherent as the CEO thought, so he took firm steps to resolve this through an offsite that we designed and facilitated.

We devised a plan to reinforce the culture of the company as it scaled across multiple sites. The pay issues we exposed were also resolved which rebuilt confidence in the leadership.

Specific individuals received coaching from us and further career development. The company’s commercial success has gone from strength to strength and its culture is secure.

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