Global investment bank builds senior team cohesion

A CEO with 15 managing directors dispersed across four continents wants to cement the focus and cohesion of this team to enhance its effectiveness and resilience.  He plans to devote part of a two day offsite in Paris to this activity – which is in 3 weeks’ time. His requirement closely matches our ‘Fit to Fight’ diagnostic.

What we did

We agreed our outline approach with the CEO and his Chief of Staff and spent 30 minutes interviewing each team member; each of them completed our quick online Predictive Index™ behavioural assessment.  This gave us an excellent understanding of the perceived strengths and weaknesses within the team, its collective behavioural bias (not uncommon amongst a group of driven professionals) and specific areas of individual or collective concern.  

We agreed the format of our half day session in light of these insights with the CEO.

On the day we focused on the group PI analysis, techniques for enhancing team effectiveness, and specific aspects of genuine senior team cohesion, using our in house model.

The results

The team reckoned this was most effective session they had experienced at any offsite in the firm in recent years.  The CEO reports that the team is operating with renewed vigour and stronger collaboration to resolve common challenges across its markets.  Irritating issues are now brought to the table more readily and the group has a new-found sense of pride in its achievements.

The CEO has asked us to return in 6 months to gauge progress and reinforce his ongoing drive for performance through better teamwork.

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