Operation Phoenix

Based on real-life events, Operation PHOENIX is a crisis response simulation that your team can complete within a half day. It’s ideal for a range of delegates, including:  

  • Your executive team
  • Up and coming leaders 
  • Potential recruits you want to see under pressure 
  • Teams in the business who need challenging and developing

Ideal for groups of 4-5 people, the simulation will enable leaders to step forward and take responsibility, whilst those in supporting roles can make decisive contributions. Our mentors will direct the activity, and tutor the participants through a range of hurdles under pressure, based on their extensive personal experience of leading teams through operational crises and setbacks.

Those taking part will be exposed to these key tenets of successful leadership ‘in the moment’:

  • Clarity – Be clear and understand what’s needed; promote action
  • Be present – be visible, available, and look for opportunity to contribute
  • Inform – Gather information, analyse, make deductions, share information: avoid paralysis by analysis
  • Communicate – Often, with transparency and integrity
  • Lead decisively – Take charge with proactivity and initiative: be calm, confident, and collaborate: bring the team with you
  • Adapt – To evolving information, new situations, and the unexpected

PHOENIX is designed to enable you to put these fundamentals into practice in an unusual, unfamiliar and unthreatening scenario. Drawing on the strengths, skills and range of personalities within the group, you’ll be taken out of your comfort zone and asked to surmount a number of challenges within a rapidly evolving and challenging situation. The experience will test and build the cohesion so important to successful teams, and enable team members  to learn a little about themselves and one another.

This is an immersive experience based on events unfolding in real time. There is a short pre-read the day before to set the scene. This enables delegates to read into the scenario, the business environment, and the role they will be playing in the exercise. The delegates will be rapidly taken from their normal role and environment and thrust into the new business world generated by PHOENIX. From there the scenario will rapidly unfold, requiring delegates to: think on their feet; adapt to changing and rapidly evolving events; make, support and justify challenging decisions; deal with external influences, and work together to a common goal. There are no right and wrong answers and no exam at the end. This is an experience to learn through, providing insight to characteristics and unlocking your team’s individual and group capabilities.     

Facilitated by an experienced leadership practitioner and supported with interactive role playing ‘guests’, their expertise and engagement will ensure the scenario moves at pace, appropriate to the aims of the exercise, and culminates at the right point. It is not an easy ride for the delegates. There will be challenges, learning opportunities, problems to solve and decisions to make along the way, but also time for reflection and feedback in the aftermath to gain the utmost from the experience.  Teams that do PHEONIX learn a lot about themselves and are much better placed to face an uncertain future.