Realising the full potential of female leaders

This medium-sized entertainment business employs 6,000 people – 45% of whom are women. Yet, its female talent are not winning promotion into executive roles and that’s giving real cause for concern.

A perception of gender bias is demotivating female employees, with a knock-on effect on efficiency and reputation. The company has sought our advice.

What we did

We conducted a discrete survey to analyse the situation. This highlighted a lack of confidence amongst the women – despite their considerable ability and experience. 

A bespoke leadership programme was recommended, that would instil more confidence in them. The four-day programme ran in each of the company’s key locations with several hundred women taking part.

The results

Feedback shows that confidence has improved – and a year after the initiative, female employability is greatly increased. More than 50% of the participants have moved into new positions in the company, many on promotion.

Coaching provides male bosses with direction on how to maximise the potential of their team, with special emphasis on the women who have been on the programme.

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