Revenue increased by 50% in 12 months

The client was forming an operating group consisting of several precision engineering companies. As suppliers to the aerospace, oil and gas and transport industries, it wanted to enhance commercial resilience in a challenging, volatile market.

The business was ambitious. The CEO’s vision was to triple group revenue in three to five years. The client needed cohesion across the whole group to deliver sustainable growth. This required a strong culture and improved governance. Fair employment conditions and customer responsiveness was a huge focus.

What we did

After getting to know the key players in each company, we proposed a ‘team of teams’ model. This set the new group’s vision, strategy, values and behaviours. We didn’t want to undermine the autonomy of the individual companies. Therefore, a very ‘light touch’ from the group head office with minimal shared services was the answer. 

To launch the group plan, we designed and facilitated an off-site workshop. It brought together the executive boards from each of the eight companies. We debated and agreed the strategic goals, culture, leadership style and business targets.

The results

Revenue is already up 50% on the first year and the new practices are bedding in well. Commercial performance is positive and improving. This is thanks to the adoption of best practice – and a group approach to cost. The client is now considering further acquisitions. It’s also looking to drive the group’s organic growth.

A recent survey revealed growing loyalty to the group brand. And all without any dilution at local level. Employee net promoter scores are strong too. The group expects these to improve further as it matures.

The results have spurred the client to plan a programme of periodic off-site meetings with us to further enhance the cohesion and performance of the group.

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