Turnaround in telecommunications firm as it grows in 60% of its markets

The directors need a dramatic change. And they need it fast. Spread across several different markets, the business is losing its market share to a key competitor. 

The pressure is on. An inspirational tool that leaders in each market can use is required. One that allows them to seize opportunities quickly without any more resources.

What we did

Market visits and discussions with the leadership team revealed that we needed better market intelligence to drive more ambitious plans and focus resources on the key activities.  We introduced leaders to the Principles of War – the key tenets used by military planners to maximise the prospects of victory.

We trained executive teams to apply these principles drawing on case studies and coached them to apply them in their markets, with a view to seizing the initiative from the competition.

The results

The businesses that fully embraced the remedies have seen clear progress. They understood the strengths and weaknesses of their competitors. And they made better informed decisions and developed bolder, more focused plans. 

The clarity and growth in performance enthused and excited the employees. Customers increased, turnover grew and margins improved in more than 60% of the markets. Employee net promoter scores increased by an average of 15 in just six months.

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