Empowering Leaders to Deliver Your Intent

Today's organisations rely upon innovation and agility to flourish in ever more demanding conditions

Developed by the best armies in the world, this leadership technique is incredibly powerful in business.

Known as ‘mission command’ in the military vernacular, this tried and tested method delivers faster, more effective outcomes by synchronising activity across organisations, no matter how large or complex. We call it Leading by Intent. It’s a counter to the stranglehold of micro-management.

The benefit?

Not only is your organisation more agile, your staff are more engaged. Yes, Leading by Intent calls for a cultural shift. It means a move away from traditional, centralised decision-making using stale information and poor insight. But it’s like a breath of fresh air, providing a range of techniques that can be applied throughout your business.

It helps organisations that are experiencing internal friction, poor processes, and low employee engagement. We can provide full training for your people, alongside support throughout the implementation phase to make it work for you.

The end result?

Your business will be more adaptable and better tuned to the reality of the situation. Your people will be set up and empowered to drive the business forward.

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