The importance of team diversity

For Innovation in a crisis

Teams made up of people from diverse backgrounds (cultural, socioeconomic, gender, etc.) have the potential to respond most effectively to a crisis. Why is this and how do we go about realising the innovation capacity of diverse teams?

  • The science behind diversity for innovation.
  • CEO experiences of building diverse teams.
  • Examples of success through diversity.

Join Amicus for an exclusive interactive webinar where we unpack why team diversity is so important for delivering innovation in a crisis.




1 hour

What we’ll cover:

  • The difference between macro-level (at the organisational level) and micro-level (at the team-level) diversity.
  • Research on the challenge and potential inherent in overtly diverse teams.
  • The importance of overcoming our tendency to stick with what and whom we know (homophily).
  • Understanding and integrating seemingly conflicting perspectives and ideas (frame-switching).

Amicus Limited is a specialist leadership consultancy focused on organisational health, resilience and performance improvement.


Sir Peter Wall, Amicus Co-Founder, Former Head of the British Army

Peter has completed a full career in the British Army, retiring as its Chief in 2015. He led the Army’s most significant transformation programme for decades, whilst sustaining its operational focus. He is a co founder of Amicus.

Angelika Love, Amicus Associate, Social Psychologist (DPhil University of Oxford)

Having completed her Doctorate at Oxford University, Angelika is an expert on social networks, relationships across group divides, and the psychology of overcoming inter-group conflict.

Bal Bagary, Country Manager Barclays Singapore and CFO Barclays Asia Pacific

Having lived in Asia for the past 20 years, Bal is also a Board Member of Singapore Anti-Narcotics Association and a male mentor for the Finance Women’s Association of Singapore.


Sally Clark, Executive Coach and Associate at Pelham Street Coaching, NED at Metro Bank and Strategic Advisor at Regtech firm ACIN.

Recently embarked on portfolio career post 33 years in financial services culminating in Chief Audit role at an international bank. Passionate about people and their development, and about creating the culture and environment where they can all thrive.

Bukola Adisa, Founder, Career Masterclass

Award winning Senior Governance, Risk and Controls experts who has held leadership roles in global financial and professional services organisations

Currently the founder/CEO of Career Masterclass which is a platform dedicated to enabling the progression of Black and Minority Ethnics (BAME) professionals in the workplace. Through webinars, live events and the annual STRETCH conference, she teaches practical career tips to a varied BAME audience which has resulted in tangible career progress for the participants.

Recently listed in the 2020 PowerList which celebrates the achievements of senior professionals from an African background.

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