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At Amicus, we use proven leadership techniques adapted from those employed by the British Army and successful businesses to drive culture change and long-term business success.

Who we are

Co-founders General Sir Peter Wall and Jennifer Carnegie combine over 40 years of leadership experience in both military and corporate environments. Where needed, we draw on our experienced network to cover specific topics, and our own team of expert associates to support programmes as mentors or coaches.

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What we do

Our programmes are guaranteed to deliver a step change in motivation and effectiveness and improve business performance. Our elite team are technically accomplished and bring years of experience in the most exacting roles. They are people who are used to setbacks and comfortable with unpredictability and volatility. They will inspire your people to become more resilient under pressure and deliver the results you aspire to. We run a series of carefully designed programmes adaptable to any business structure, or can tailor-make a programme specific to your particular business culture and character. If you’re not sure where to start, a Leadership Audit would be the best programme to expose areas of concern within your organisation.

How we make a difference

We believe in leading by example. Our track record is best demonstrated through real case studies, which cover a wide range of industries and businesses of all sizes. Find out how we’ve helped similar businesses drive positive and sustainable change.

Case studies

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